Common Mistakes People Make When Replacing Their Heating Or Cooling System

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Between pre-purchase decision making, installation, use, maintenance, and even replacing the HVAC system, there are a number of pitfalls you need to be aware of and avoid them where possible.

These mistakes can range from minor to major, resulting in a range of HVAC system outcomes. Because of their importance, HVAC systems’ performance, efficiency, and safety are at risk. Furthermore, they can also affect your budget as heating and cooling can account for half of all home energy usage.

So, when it comes to replacing your HVAC system, don’t fall victim to these pitfalls. The experts at HomeBridge Canada Inc. want to help you better understand the ins and outs of HVAC replacement. Therefore, they have put together this list of common mistakes to avoid when replacing your heating and cooling system.

1. Choosing an HVAC contractor based on price!
Many people are only concerned about the price of a new furnace or air conditioner (A/C) and buy based on the cheapest. There are two components to replacing a furnace or an A/C; there is the actual unit and the installation.

When it comes to the actual furnace or A/C, there are many factors to consider. For a furnace, for example, you want to know about the gas valve; is it single-stage or two-stage modulating? All three have their reasons for being installed. However, if you are only basing a decision on price, you will get a single-stage gas valve that will cost you more money in the long run. The same applies to the blower motor, multi-speed ECM, or variable speed. Larger two-story homes benefit from a variable speed ECM blower, which provides better distribution of heating and cooling.

With A/C’s, the SEER rating may matter to you. If comfort in your home is a priority, then an inverter A/C may be the best option for you. But, if you only choose on price, you will get a single-stage low SEER A/C and sacrifice comfort and long-term economics.

The other part of your purchase is the installation. The companies that are charging less are typically cutting corners on the installation.

Now, also be wary of the most expensive companies because some companies are just gouging.

2. Renting instead of financing
Many consumers opt for the large companies’ rental programs. Those large companies do not explain that a rental agreement is a closed loan. A closed loan is one that cannot be repaid except in full, which means paying all the outstanding payments, interest, increases, and maintenance (that the company won’t perform anymore). They also do not explain to their customers that these rental agreements are seven-year terms with fifteen-year amortization. You are paying for your equipment for fifteen years, but they try to get you to upgrade in seven years, putting you in a position where you’re paying for the equipment for twenty-three years.

Additionally, if you ever sell your home during your rental period, most buyers of your home will NOT accept the rental. Therefore, you must pay out all the monthly payments outstanding. There are also percentage increases to the monthly fee every two years on the large companies’ rentals.

Financing, on the other hand, is typically an open loan. An open loan allows you to pay it out at any time by only paying the principal outstanding, NOT all the interest that would have been paid if you had to pay all the payments like a rental. Buyers will again not buy your home with HVAC equipment that is financed but, getting out of an open loan is far less expensive than a rental. Also, you can buy out your financed equipment when your mortgage comes due and roll that into a new mortgage and reduce the monthly cost.

3. Not asking if the HVAC company is insured
You should always ask any contractor coming onto your property if they have WSIB and Liability Insurance. Why? If they are not insured, and they get injured on your property, they can and most likely will sue you for damages. Yes, you read that right. They can successfully sue you for damages.

If they do not have liability insurance and they cause damage to your property, then you have to go through your own insurance to make a claim. Hopefully, they will cover it!

Always ask if a contractor has WSIB and Liability Insurance.

4. Failing to check if the HVAC company uses subcontractors
HVAC companies that use subcontractors cannot control the quality of installation. Should there be issues with the installation, the question arises of who is responsible. The contractor will say it is the subcontractor, who will say it is the contractor. Don’t put yourself at risk of this.

5. Failure to check the warranty
Ensure you know what warranty you are getting with the equipment you are buying and who is to register it if needed. Many manufacturers offer extended warranties but only if it is registered within sixty days of installation. Make sure you know who is responsible for registering the warranty. This is because it would be terrible to have your warranty cut in half just because someone did not do two minutes of computer work.

Also, find out if your installation or labour warranty is backed by a company that will actually be around for the warranty period. Many “cheap” options are techs doing side jobs, not insured, and their warranty expires when you can no longer see their tail lights as they drive away.

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