Tankless Water Heaters

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Heating and Cooling Specialists Barrie
Water Delivery
35 F - 11.2 GPM
67 F - 5.7 GPM
200k Btu


HVAC Company Barrie
Water Delivery
35 F - 10.1 GPM
67 F - 5.2 GPM
180k Btu


HVAC Services Barrie
Water Delivery
35° F - 8.4 GPM
67° F - 4.2 GPM
150k Btu




Tankless Hot Water Systems are nearly the same price as tanked systems these days and are much more efficient to run. If you need or want to replace your hot water tank your best option is tankless. You can buy or rent a Navien Tankless Hot Water System through HomeBridge Canada Inc.

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Click here for a PDF Brochure on Navien Tankless Hot Water Systems

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